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Bernard Denomination of Origin Wine

Bodegas Bernard
Amy Lozano - Project Manager
Alex Iglesias - Creative Art Director / Illustrations
Branding, Packaging Design
March 26th, 2020

Bodegas Bernard has been dedicated for five generations to grape harvesting, implanting and producing its own wine considered to be a denomination of origin since this year.


Create an attractive, modern label that looks sharp on your first release.

We chose an elegantly modern typeface that combines with the harmony of the sector. The light colors are made based on the colors of the wine, raising its clarity to an extreme, making us have a visually attractive background image to the consumer. We finally decided to complete our designs with a touch of gold.

We design the packaging of the special edition and the individual labels of the bottles to be marketed on a large scale.

image projekta2 creative studio
image projekta2 creative studio
Color Palette
image projekta2 creative studio
image projekta2 creative studio
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