image projekta2 creative studio
Institute of Microwave and Wireless Systems
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Creative Branding
January 08th, 2020
Amy Lozano - Project Manager
Alex Iglesias - Creative Art Director
image projekta2 creative studio

Research at the Institute of Microwave and Wireless Systems focuses on all implications entailed by the integration aspects of microwave and wireless systems. We aim at developing new paradigms for their electromagnetic description in order to develop suitable solutions for future integration challenges.

image projekta2 creative studio

Idea & Concept

The concepts for the final design consisted of creating a corporate image, flexible, modern and inspiring in the field or sector of technology, specifically intended for microwave integrations.

Color Palette
image projekta2 creative studio


Therefore, the logo had to express a union with each other to visualize said integration, starting from three symmetrical pieces with gradient style and superimposed, with a semi-transparency that visualizes the union of the pieces, flexibility and elegance with gradient colors of a bluish range.

This is the new look for this institute at the University of Hannover.

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