Our Services

Innovation and passion come together in our studio, to offer creativity services for your business. We play with originality, we create relevant brand ideas and experiences, we immerse ourselves in our restless minds, we make our designs surprise you.


Brand Identity Design
We create cohesive visual identities and scalable brand strategies, that connect with audiences and support brand goals and growth.We build a strategy to meet your corporate image objectives, we seek the essence of your brand, your logo, so that your purposes are well defined in the market, we design and build brands with a positive value over time, we unify your brand and your image so you can be recognized as desired.
Packaging Design
We create personality in your packaging, because a good image, a good packaging design attracts the consumer and because if you want to have a good market strategy, you must offer a bold design for your customers.

We create personality in your packaging, because a good image, a good packaging design attracts the consumer and because if what you want is to have a good market strategy you must offer a bold design for your customers, we take care of that at PROJEKTA2. market and detect trends, so that your product towards the consumer is of special relevance.

Advertising Campaigns
We design advertising campaigns with effective content, so that the visual communication of your brand is effective and generates new sales in the market.

Creative quality is what we capture in all campaigns, we define your target audience and let them know about you with a clear and direct message to provide new leads.

Graphic illustration
We artistically produce structures of your brand creating surprising illustrations, to make your image adapt to user interaction and create potential visibility and recognition. Because a good illustration and a good message in combination are magic for the graphic visibility of your business.
Brand & Content Strategy
It is important to have a good brand strategy, to create emotional links and captivate that indirectly promote you.

A good branding strategy sponsors loyalty to your business or your brand, providing strong trust and recognition that can go viral.

Editorial Design
Because the first thing that attracts a publication is its cover, and Projekta2 invests its artistic and graphic knowledge to carry out its function.
It is clear that in its entirety a book can have good content and what is important is the interior, but in the times we lived we were concerned about the image because the consumer is attracted by a good image or illustration that arouses curiosity and because it is the way to surprise readers with the naked eye. That is why our editorial designs are of artistic and graphic quality.

Digital Experiences

UI/UX Design
Ever since the digital age emerged, it is becoming more and more noticeable to stand out and be visible on different channels and platforms, the user or client increasingly uses these digital forms of communication.
Projekta2 helps you to be visible online and have a good presence in the different channels, we must adapt to the new times, to new forms of communication and being present online is undoubtedly almost an obligation if you want to be recognized.
Projekta2 creates user experiences so that they can interact with your business or brand because it is not only about communicating, it is time to create interactions, either with an App or a Web and develop more ways to achieve the goals that you propose in this digital age.

Visual Motion

Motion Graphics
Be it a video, an animation, a GIF, everything comes to life today. We mix colors, audios, graphics, illustrations, titles and designs in a single space, to create an illusion of movement without equal. Motion graphics and animations enhance your business image and elevate it to a larger audience. We can offer you simple, 2D, illustrative and 3D animations.
Creative Videos
At Projekta2 we make creative videos to promote your business, your advertising campaign, your product or your services, to reach a viral audience. We create amazing effects for you to creatively surprise your consumers.

Work Process




We study the objectives together with the client, we carry out a market research process to obtain good results against the competition, we detect the target audience and we focus everything on a brand plan or strategy with a time calendar included.



We plan our strategy and explore solutions, communicate our ideas to the client and use our methodology to achieve the proposed objectives.


Adjusting Ideas

We do not focus on a single idea, but when we find a good one, we adjust and review its potential, to develop the emotional and reactional potential of the project. Once we adjust the ideas, we present them to the client so that they can assess, comment or suggest any changes.



Once the project is clarified, we make the final art in high visual and printing quality, we make its response in front of consumers, users or clients and we send the necessary files for our client.