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Welcome to Projekta2 Creative Studio, where design and innovation converge to create captivating digital narratives.

Here, it's more than just about us; it's an open invitation to explore the vast realm of digital possibilities together. Join a journey where every pixel narrates a unique story, and innovation is the guiding light.

At Projekta2, we don't just create visually appealing designs; we craft strategic solutions that drive brand success. Our commitment is to merge creativity and technology to surpass industry standards.

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Crafting Experiences Beyond the Ordinary

A digital experience like no other with Projekta2, where specialized services redefine traditional design, offering immersive experiences beyond conventional boundaries.

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At the heart of Projekta2 lies a commitment to redefining digital narratives

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Explore projects where innovation pushes boundaries, creating experiences that linger

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Beyond mere designs, we craft stories that resonate

Alexandre Iglesias
Founder & creative director
Jordi Ros
Game & 3D
Josep Oriol
iOs Devlop & Marketing RSS
Nataly Feliz
Graphic Designer
Josep Granés
Marketing & Copywriter

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Redefining Design, Amplifying Success

Redefining Design, Amplifying Success


Our Philosophy

Redefining Design to Amplify Success

Through our commitment to innovation and creativity, at Projekta2,
we believe in constant redesign to achieve our clients’ stunning success.

Shaping Tomorrow's Design Today
Projekta2 embodies constant redesign, a relentless pursuit of success. Delve into our philosophy of shaping tomorrow's design today through cutting-edge creative services.
Synergy of Artistry and Innovation
Witness the seamless fusion of artistic creativity and technical innovation at Projekta2, where each design is a purposeful expression.
Design with Purpose: Impact-Driven Creativity
At Projekta2, each design is an expression of purpose. Discover how our creativity significantly impacts each project.
Redesigning Boundaries, Defining Excellence
We are constantly exploring new boundaries, redefining what is possible in digital design and setting standards of excellence in every creation.

Delve into the Creative heart of Projekta2. A distinctive combination of art and strategy that defines Projekta2's digital footprint.

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Design Innovation

Witness the Evolution

Projekta2's groundbreaking designs redefine industries, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Hover over to explore the transformative journey of design excellence

Immersive Experiences

Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted digital realms designed to captivate. Glide to experience storytelling reimagined, unveiling new chapters with each interaction.

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Dynamic Motion Tales

Captivating Motion Narrative

Explore a world of dynamic visuals and mesmerizing animations. Glide to witness the creative mastery of motion design, where every frame narrates a unique story.

Crafting Brand Stories

Distinctive Branding Journeys

Unveil the artistry behind Projekta2's distinctive branding solutions. Glide to witness the creative excellence in crafting unique brand identities that leave a lasting impression.

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